History | Why This Venture? | The Team

About twenty-Five years ago, India was not believed as the land of opportunities as it is seen now. Most educated proffered to find a secure job and settle down. But this was a fact for most people not all. Amongst these were some who had the enterprising zeal to establish business ventures. One of them was an employee in a government enterprise, earning his living and would have satisfactorily settled down, but he had better vision of the future where he could control his growth and future. The person was always ready to help others, and then came a very small opportunity in Land Development through a friend. He grabbed the opportunity just to help the friend. As blessings come in all forms, this was the test that he was destined to appear in and he learnt through experience and made this his first profitable venture. Thus started the illustrious career of Mr. Mukesh Buddhadev, the founder of Bhagvati Group.

With time he got involved in lot of construction and land development activities. He developed good business acumen and sharp negotiating abilities. Along the way, his genuineness of efforts helped him establish a strong channel of clients as well as well-wishers. He started networking with the biggest names in industry and trade in Rajkot region. He gained in Vision and confidence in the event, encouraging him to diversify.

In 1996, he along with a friend started Perforated Sheet Manufacturing firm. The firm went through a tough period but the founders survived the period to land into profits. The company is now running very well.
IN the last 20 years, Mr. Buddhadev has been strongly linked with the construction, architectural and Interior design industry. He has the best knowledge of the buying selling and developing of estates. He also knows the building material market extremely well.


He is networked to a level that in the region, he is respected as one of the most professional turnkey construction projects solution provider. Thus, construction industry is his high growth area where he relishes his success. He is into a number of projects as of now and is growing rapidly in the field.


Every entrepreneur knows that the economy changes and so does the opportunities that come with it. Further, established business also undergoes a deep threat. TO guard against the threats and take advantage of the opportunities, one must diversify into sectors that justify our domain expertise and are high growth sectors. He, through this venture, is now eyeing the Bulk Trade business of importing and exporting.