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We at Bhagvati Believe and act as the people are our biggest strength. We want to put our biggest inputs into people to groom them to become future business leaders in each of the sectors that we work in.

At the top is Mr. Mukeshbhai, with all his experience and clear-cut growth oriented vision to guide the Bhagvati Group to great heights of achievements.

His son Mehul ably assists him. He is young and dynamic in his approach. He has technical know-how as well as commercial experience to get through the shrewdest deals.
There is a team of four staff members in various capacities to run the company operations. They are all youthful go-getter, ensuring that the clients of the company are delighted by the Back office support.

Along with these internal staff, the company has a strong network of influencing marketers, who are free lancers and get information as well as deal propositions for the company. They report to the marketing head Mr. Mehul.