History | Why This Venture? | The Team

  • Endeavor to become the best strategic bridge for business houses’ purchases, thereby making their businesses more profitable.
  • In the next Five years, we plan to become the FIRST CHOICE to all these potential business houses.
  • Network with the best business houses by strategic tie-ups for Purchase or sale.
  • Develop systems that support supply of bulk materials to any part of the world within given time frames.
  • Establish strong WIN-WIN situations amongst all the involved entities, namely, Buyers, Sellers and influencers.
  • Make Growth, a process that enables each one of the involved members to grow individually as well.
  • Establish at least two New Vendors through total Study of their capacities every Month. This would lead to 24 Top Vendors on hand.
  • Every year make at least three strategic Bulk Material supply, to an efficiency level where we get the long-term contract.
  • Build at least twelve enterprising youngsters as a part of the Bhagvati Master Mind Group.
  • Principle For Building the Business to last long.

We would like to build the businesses that generate a belief amongst all who are involved that they are a part of the team. They are instrumental to our success and we will share our success with them. We want to set up teams that are dynamic and self-sustaining. They also grow as they work with us in intensive manner or as part timers.

For our Business Associates we would like to focus on increasing the value of their businesses through use of our expertise and youthful talent.

We want to establish a principle that WE ARE HERE TO GROW, NOT ALONE BUT ALL TOGETHER.