History | Why This Venture? | The Team

Mr. Buddhadev recently helped an international business group in a very big purchase. He was instrumental in setting up the channel as well as the systems to constinuously procure material. He also set-up a string of vendors who would supply goods at the most attractive rates and of high quality. Within the system he placed the right people to manage the processes.

The whole exercise has worked out as a highly profitable outcome for the business group. They have got a very good saving on purchase all along a year.

When Mr. Buddhadev studied this event, he got the idea to become a STRATEGIC BRIDGE for the business groups across India and the world to provide high-end Buy-Sell activities that are more profitable than the existing methods. These purchases would be in Bulk, and on a continuous basis, leading to very high savings on purchases.

If such a thought was implemented well, it would produce a WIN –WIN situation for Buyer, who gets bets deals and savings, seller who get large committed volumes for a longer period and the facilitator, as well.

With the above vision in Mind, he has set-up this auspicious company called Bhagvati Multilink Pvt. Ltd. The company is closely knit firm located at Rajkot, India. It is a venture that has just started and is short-listing the best Products suppliers in the region.