When you work with us you get a great benefit, whether you are a buyer or a seller. Whether you are an importer or an exporter. Whether you are a trader or just a Logistics agent. When you work with us we assure you that you grow.

Importer Advantages
  • We are a well-networked unit, with associates all over the world. We can get good bargains for you
  • We have strong tie-ups since years, with Logistics companies, making your imports cheaper.
  • We have know-how and expertise in imports, guiding you to get smoother results from red tape and formalities.
  • We can arrange for duty managements and Forex Risk management as well.
  • We can arrange for larger quantities of supply without much of a challenge as well.
  • We have experience in a lot of sectors, giving you the best advise/support.
Exporter advantages
  • We have good exposure to the market enabling you to shortlist reliable buyers, who have high credibility.
  • We have strong tie-ups since years, with Logistics companies, making your exports attractive to the buyers.
  • We advise you and support you the best on taxation advantages that you can take on your deal.
  • We will set-up a profit making deal for you by analyzing your products, its costs, Carrying, Forwarding, Documentation and the duties at the buyers end as well.
  • Handing bulk quantities come easy to us and means stronger volume business for you.
  • We handle Forex, Bill Discounting, EPCG etc for you, so that you can focus on your business rather than this formalities.
Other Entities
  • Our basic principle is to WIN by making other WIN. So whatever business you are in, if you feel we can join hands for some mutual benefits, our doors are open to study your proposals. We are sure that there will be profitable deals that will benefit both of us and develop a strong sustainable business.